Have your New Year’s resolutions turned into documented proof of your failures instead of goals achieved?

Are you living your life to its fullest? Are all your dreams falling short despite your best efforts? Do you wish you could reclaim your confidence and attack your problems head on, no matter what they might be? Then follow along with Nate Hambrick, motivation expert and thought leader, as he guides you through his key tactics and strategies for escaping your own self-limiting beliefs and finally achieving everything you want in life as quickly as possible.



In this action-oriented book, motivation expert Nate Hambrick presents strategies to help you push forward when the rest are falling behind.

In Crush Your Kryptonite, you will learn how to:

  • Identify and change behaviors that are holding you back
  • Replace average thinking with unshakable confidence
  • Free yourself from limiting beliefs and analysis paralysis
  • Reclaim your superpower and increase your effectiveness
  • Take massive action and accomplish your biggest dreams

The Crush Your Kryptonite framework trains your mind to face challenges head-on instead of running from them. You will learn to create solutions when your back is against the wall and simplify your path forward in an overly chaotic world.


"This book holds the raw power to help transform anyone feeling stuck in their life!"




Identify and change behaviors that are holding you back from success and determining your future without you knowing!

Replace average thinking with unshakable confidence that frees you from analysis paralysis and constant inaction!

Reclaim your superpower, increase your effectiveness and discover your inner superpower to conquer life!

Transform Yourself

Transform yourself from an underachiever to an overachiever!

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I’m Nate Hambrick

I’m something of an expert in motivation.

Ever since I was young, I’ve been obsessed with achievement and performance. As a salesman, I successfully shattered sales records for multiple companies, wrote and recorded eight commercial music albums. Recognizing the patterns in my behavior that helped me achieve this, I’ve since helped others achieve more in their own lives than they believed was possible.

And now, with Crush Your Kryptonite, I’m going to help you do the same.



success stories

If reading Crush Your Kryptonite doesn’t get you inspired, empowered, and equipped to unlock the potential inside you, I don’t know what will. Crush your Kryptonite takes the ambiguity and “feel good” speak of most self-help books and provides tangible and practical steps for anyone to follow. Nate meets you where you’re at in life and does so in true authenticity. I couldn’t recommend this book more.

Trey Ewing

Crush Your Kryptonite is a great read for anyone who has been trying to work towards a goal but keeps getting blocked along the way. This book opened my eyes to some things that have been lingering in the background that were holding me back and gave some amazing strategies on how to combat them. The author does an amazing job of forcing the reader to self-reflect and goes well past the surface when it comes to identifying and changing things for the better. I love the journal prompts and will be re-reading this one again and again!

Sarah Glashagel

Have you taken the time and space to analyze what is holding you back in your life? This is a comprehensive collection of universal principles to identify your #1 weakness and create a strategy to eliminate it with a tailored action plan. I couldn’t put it down. You can crush this book in one or two sittings and start crushing your personal kryptonite the very same day.

Matthew Mead

Crush Your Kryptonite is no ordinary self-help book; this book holds raw power to help transform anyone feeling stuck in their life. I gained an invaluable understanding of why I do the things I do and how to stop engaging in self-sabotaging behavior. I highly recommend this book for those wanting to get serious about the way they live life.

Alden White

If you are looking for something to put fire in your soul and pull you out of a rut, this is the book for you. The author does an amazing job of speaking to that voice inside all of us. Time goes by anyway- you might as well spend it creating the life you want rather than living a life you don't want. This is a must-read for anyone who demands a higher standard of living for themselves!

Katy Clayton

In Crush Your Kryptonite, the author does a fantastic job of highlighting for the reader aspects of their own lives they may have become personal "kryptonite" without us ever realizing it. Fantastic examples and tangible action steps you can put into practice in your own life immediately. A quick and easy read that is sure to impact your life in a positive way!

Aaron Schafer


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